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Sporting Venues

Danmagi has developed a unique wi-fi service for inside and around sporting venues allowing different types of users like the audience, organisers, participants and media, and offering the selected groups different bandwidth, authentication and content options.

Our solution is based around providing interactive content in real-time to the users before and after authentication. The service is only available at the venue or surrounding area.

We can provide location-based information, where services or facilities are in adjacent to your position though our unique interactive portal.

As an example, we can make it easy for the event organisers to provide:

  • Event schedules
  • Rules
  • Competitors profiles
  • Stats
  • Real-time medal table
  • Location map and info
  • Sponsors and links
  • Event replays
  • E-cards
  • Shop

This creates a truly immersive experience directly to the end user’s device. Live information can also be streamed including replays and results.

Rio Olympics 2016