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Hotels & Conference Centers

Danmagi are the leading HSIA provider for the hospitality industry, offering premium services at a smart price that only Danmagi can deliver.

HSIA High Speed Internet Access

We provide a highly reliable guest internet experience, designed and built for our clients’ needs of tomorrow with our own proprietary solution. This enables us to quickly bespoke services to create an individual solution as strong as your brand.

Using our unique interactive portal technology, we allow you to communicate directly with your guests, increase awareness of hotel/venue services and increase revenue.

For the guest, we enable our clients to provide the best and most fluid user experience in multiple languages, across any wi-fi enabled mobile device through our interactive portal.

Our system is designed to shape the bandwidth within the building to maximize the experience for everyone. Priorities or limits can easily be set and changed.

We also offer multiple and secure authentications and payment options - from ‘free to guest’ to PMS to credit card with multiple currency options.


Check-in Client Access and Management Tool

Danmagi provides our clients a central online management tool called Check-in whereby the hotel/venue management team can access performance statistics, real-time financial information, upload/change content on the guest portal, view support calls, create promotions/information on services and monthly reports.

It is within Check-in where pricing and bandwidth settings can be changed instantly.

All actions can be done on a group, region or hotel/venue level.


Conference Solutions Event Organiser Tool

Danmagi can provide the hotel/venue a conferencing solution as an optional service.

This service is designed for anything from small company events in meeting areas to large trade shows held in convention centers.

Danmagi provide a range of specialist services from prioritised bandwidth, unique company password, creation of a company welcome page and the option to upload presentation materials for immediate download to guest devices during the event.

Delegates can even book meeting facilities directly.

This service is managed through the Check-in portal.

Conference SolutionsConference Solutions

Kiosk Secure and safe access

The Danmagi kiosk has several unique features:

  • Can be client branded
  • Removes any trace of the previous user, unlike other solutions
  • Can authenticate and bill using PMS
  • Can operate a START/STOP mode
  • Options for free links and free boarding pass printing
  • Centrally managed and monitored

The Danmagi kiosk is built for the iMac as the standard, but is available on PC. It is our own proprietary solution and not licensed or available anywhere else.

Performance reports from the kiosk are available online and the kiosk is monitored 24/7/365. The kiosk has Microsoft Office, a USB port and pre-installed features like Skype. As an additional option, a printer can be added to the bundle.

All payment options are available on the kiosk; free to guest, credit card, PMS or voucher.