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Airports & Railways

Danmagi provide the ultimate wi-fi solution for travelers. Designed to be easy to navigate on smartphone and tablet devices.

Apart from being a smooth and reliable connection, the unique Danmagi interactive portal allows easy creation of promotions, information boards, maps and a shopping window on the user’s device.

It is an extremely effective way to communicate directly with the traveler, especially for getting your message across and building on your brand loyalty.

The interactive portal can be instantly displayed in multiple languages making it a truly multilingual solution for a multilingual environment. A wide range of currency options and billing and authentication options are also available. Free connectivity can be associated with purchase reward points.

Our solution is particularly designed for security sensitive locations such as airports and stations, with security and accountability as key features of the Danmagi solution.

Kiosk (Secure and safe access)

The Danmagi kiosk has several unique features:

  • Can be client branded
  • Removes any trace of the previous user, unlike other solutions
  • Can authenticate against loyalty schemes
  • Can operate a START/STOP mode
  • Options for free links and free boarding pass printing
  • Centrally managed and monitored

The Danmagi kiosk is built for the iMac as the standard, but is available on PC. It is our own proprietary solution and not licensed or available anywhere else.


Performance reports from the kiosk are available online and the kiosk is monitored 24/7/365. The kiosk has Microsoft Office, a USB port and pre-installed features like Skype. As an additional option, a printer can be added to the bundle.

All payment options are available on the kiosk; free to guest, credit card, PMS or voucher.